Youth Avenue Solutions (YAS) provide a variety of avenues for children, teens, and young adults. Edutainment Learning Center (ELC), DeJuan Ellis Sports Performance Training (DESPT), and What's Important Now (WIN) offer a variety of educational and recreational youth clubs, sports performance training, fitness, and teen/young adult life coaching.  These programs are designed to build life skills, leadership qualities, academic and social skills.  


  1. We are committed to every child's success that enrolls in Edutainment Learning Center. Every student is capable of learning. All a student needs is a chance to be pushed to their fullest potential.
    Tonya Ellis~Co-Founder
  2. My 11 year old son, absolutely loved his time at the summer camp. He asked me not to pick him up early so he wouldn't miss out on the activities. It felt comforting to know that he was in good hands there. Our experience with ELC is extremely positive.
    Melvina Myers
  3. I'm so glad that we decided on Edutainment Learning Center. The entire staff truely was great and very professional. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great summer camp for their child. We will definitely be back next summer!
    Nakia Proctor
  4. Edutainment has helped our daughter begin to enjoy reading, which has significantly improved her reading grade. Most recently they had a workshop on leadership and my son wrote an excellent essay about what leadership means to him. I am proud to be an Edutainment parent.
    Tamika Brooks
  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Edutainment for my children. They had excellent academic turnouts during their tenure with Edutainment. I highly recommend Edutainment Learning Center!
    Shannelle Datcher
  6. I would like to thank ELC. My children have attended the afterschool and summer programs. My son who has autism has matured greatly and became more sociable. My daughter focuses more in school and is an honor student.
    Raquel Magruder
Youth Avenue Solutions is a husband and wife owned buisness that came into fruitation in 2005 as Edutainment Learning Center when the  founders realized there were no facilities in the Fort Washington, Maryland area that focused solely on school-age students, teens and young adults.     

Our Highlights:

*Serving the Community for 13 Years
*Serving the Southern Maryland Area
*Over 20 Years of Experience with Children
*Serviced Thousands of School-age Children
*Multiple Programs School-age Children
*96% Improvement Rate for Students in our Academic Club


DeJuan & Tonya Ellis​​

DeJuan Ellis has worked with children for 15 years.  DeJuan does a lot of the behind the scene work of Youth Avenue Solutions.  He volunteered his time coaching young children in Southern Maryland for over fifteen years. He dedicates his time to mentoring young men.  DeJuan has trained thousands of ahletes who have gone on to play collegiate sports.

Tonya Ellis has worked with children for over 20 years.  She is hands-on in the business, acting as the Director.  She is committed to challenging every child to greatness. She has devoted her professional life to helping children reach their full academic and social potential. Tonya is the author of Work Hard, Play Hard: 10 Power Moves for the Best All-Around Student.
  1. 1
    Youth Clubs
    We offer a Before and After School Youth Club and Drop-in (Daily) Youth Club for elementary and middle school children that focuses on a specific area, allowing members to develop skills in that area.
  2. 2
    One to One Tutoring
    Our One to One Tutoring offers students the help they need to master skills. Students will be assigned an exceptionally talented tutor. One to One Tutoring entails working with students on a particular subject.
  3. 3
    Summer Camp
    Our Maryland State Certified Summer Camp offers an excellent blend of continued education along with fun summer activities and trips. Education and full all in one!
  4. 4
    We offer workshops for teens on a variety of topics. With the information provided in our workshops, it is our goal that teens can strengthen their ability to successfully pursue their life goals.
  5. 5
    Sports Performance Training
    Our Sports Performance Training is designed to help athletes become bigger, stronger, faster, and more explosive. Our mixture of high and low impact plyometric training, slow and fast twitch development, and explosive training is designed to help athletes better prepare for the next level.
  6. 6
    Our events are for elementary through high school children. We offer a variety of events throughout the year to give children the opportunity to meet new friends, while having fun.
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