About Us
Youth Avenue Solutions (YAS) is committed to serving the youth. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide young people with the tools needed to succeed in life using the resources of Edutainment Learning Center (ELC) and DeJuan Ellis Sports Performance Training (DESPT) as avenues.

ELC is a Maryland state registered Youth Club that was established in 2005, which offers school-age children an affordable alternative to child care.  We are not a child care center. ELC offers a variety of educational and recreational youth clubs.  Members have access to multiple clubs within our center, such as our academic club, arts & craft club, computer club, fitness club, game club, dance club and activity club.  We also offer tutoring services, a summer camp and workshops.  

DESPT is a sports performance training center that is designed to help athletes become bigger, faster, stronger, and more explosive.  Our mixture of high and low impact plyometric training, slow and fast twitch muscle development, and explosive training is designed to help our athletes better prepare for the next level.


Our Highlights:​​

  • Serving the Community Since 2005
  • Only facility of its kind in the Southern Maryland Area
  • Over 20 Years of Experience with Children
  • Serviced thousands of School-age Students
  • Multiple Clubs for School-age Students
  • 96% Improvement Rate for Students