Our Programs

We offers a variety of programs for school-age children.

  1. 1
    Youth Club
    We offer a Before and After School Youth Club and a Drop-off (Daily) Youth Club for elementary and middle school children that focuses on a specific area allowing members to develop their skills and interest in that area.
  2. 2
    One to One Tutoring
    One to One Tutoring offers students the help they need to master skills. Students will be assigned an exceptionally talented tutor. One to One Tutoring entails working with students on a particular subject.
  3. 3
    Summer Camp
    Our Summer Camp offers an excellent blend of continued education along with summer activities and trips. Education and fun all in one!
  4. 4
    We offer workshops for teens on a variety of topics. With the information provided in our workshops, it is our goal that teens can strengthen their ability to successfully pursue their life goals.
  5. 5
    Sports Performance Training
    Our Sports Performance Training is designed to help athletes become bigger, stronger, faster, and more explosive. Our mixture of high and low impact plyometric training, slow and fast twitch development, and explosive training is designed to help our athletes better prepare for the next level.
  6. 6
    Our events are for elementary through high school children. We offer a variety of events throughout the year to give children the opportunity to meet new friends, while having fun.
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